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We are looking for volunteers to help the Aero Space Kinross team to maintain and develop relationships with our supporters, manage our projects and organize events, co-ordinate volunteer support, communicate and promote our vision and activities, assist with fundraising. If you think you might be able to help, please email: [email protected]

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August Issue Deadline
Friday 12 July

Publication Date:
Saturday 27 July

September Issue Deadline
Friday 16 August

Publication Date:
Saturday 31 August

October Issue Deadline
Friday 13 September

Publication Date:
Saturday 28 September

Welcome to Newsletter Articles Online. Here we show you a few items from recent issues of the Kinross Community Council Newsletter, usually featuring extra photographs which couldn't be included in the published versions due to lack of space.

Orwell War Memorial service (issue 420, July 2014)
Old Portmoak Chapel (issue 412, October 2013)
T-in-the-Park Drop-In Centre (issue 386, June 2011)
A Himalayan Climb (issue 370, December 2009)
Cycling - Montelimar... or bust! (issue 367, September 2009)
Save Kinnesswood Post Office (issue 355, August 2008)
Loch Leven Heritage Trail: Phase 3 update (issue 354, July 2008)
Loch Leven Heritage Trail: Phase 3 commences (issue 351, April 2008)
Loch Leven Heritage Trail: Gateway Features (issue 350, March 2008)
Loch Leven Heritage Trail: Phase 2 opening (issue 348, December 2007)
Loch Leven Heritage Trail: Phase 2 progress (issue 346, October 2007)
Mysterious structure on Bishop Hill (issue 346, October 2007)
The Portmoak Gala, 2007 (issue 344, August 2007)
Loch Leven Heritage Trail: Phase 1 Grand Opening! (issue 342, June 2007)
Loch Leven Heritage Trail: Phase 1 to open soon (issue 341, May 2007)
TRACKS Loch Leven Heritage Trail update (issue 340, April 2007)
Outdoor Curling Returns to Kinross (issue 339, March 2007)
Milnathort Flooding (issue 338, January/February 2007)
Save NHS Dentistry Campaign (issue 338, January/February 2007)
Loch Leven TRACKS (issue 337, December 2006)
Kinross-shire Historical Society (issue 337, December 2006)
The Hedgehog Blog (issue 337, December 2006, to issue 342, June 2007)


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